Guide for Getting to Lipe Island

1. When you reached Hatyai International Airport, please wait at the exit near Taxi service counter. If you are Thai, the driver will call you through your given phone number but if you are  foreigners ,the driver will show your name sign.

2.Then, the driver will drive you to Pakbara Pier . After you reached the  pier ,the driver will check  in your boat ticket for both outward and return journey.

3. The boats will take you to the island, just let them know your resort name and they will take you to the nearest beach.

Return trip from Lipe Island

1.Waiting at the check-in point (30 min before check-in time )

  -High Season :  At Pattaya Beach

  -Low Season : At Sunrise Beach

2.After you arrived at Pakbara Pier , wait for the driver in front of the building.
  -Thai Customer : The driver will call to your given phone number.
  -Foreigner : The driver will show your name sign.

3.Travelling to Hatyai international airport / Hatyai city safely.

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